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Monday, 28 March 2011

The end of a great week!

End of a great!!I had lots of happy and incredible things happening this week.And I'm bless for everything that had happen.And the happiest and greatest of all news is that my my 4rd baby girl pass her SPM and she did well then I expected and I am really proud with her achievement.
In life sometimes we just can't expect what will happen but as parents,our prayers are the best for our kids.I went through a lot, a few years back.From having a down fall and stressing life to having a simple,average and happy life.Sure its not a perfect day everyday but its better then what I have gone through.When I was a single mum with 5 young kids, everyday was a stress day coz the only thing in my mind was this 5.Everything about them worries me and the most was their education and the friends they mixed up.I had a really hard time handling them and Yes, there was trouble now and then but I did resolve it sooner or later and it was really tiring and stressful but now everything are memoirs...Kids are growing well and great but still they have a long way to go and I'm still around to help them grow.
Now,I expect the unexpected from my kids coz everyday they have new things for me to learn from them as a MUM. 

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