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Monday, 28 March 2011

Starting Point!!!!!

What a great day,just started my blog today with the help of my baby of the new era,they really know their way around computers,me I'm more to  playing games in my is beautiful with all the children around us and I don't think I will have a single smile without them.They are the ones, whose lighting out the worlds with their smile,their laughs and their cries....I love kids and not only my 5 but all kids around the world.Big mummy love for all..xoxo
I still remember when I have my 1st born.Yeah,right,,I did swear, I don't wanna have any more child after  suffering several hours of  labor paint but when I heard her 1st cry,I was happy for having the pain coz it was worthy and then I have 4 more, the pain was still unbearable but I all my 5 are grown up,going through their teenage life and mummy now is having unbearable ear drum pains listening to their screams and speech fights but still they love each other after :D 

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