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Saturday, 7 May 2011

HaPPy MoTHer'S DaY :D

Happy Mother's day to all mothers around the world.Its not an easy job being a mum and to all the young girls out there, learn something from your mum coz you'll be a mum too someday.Love your mum while she's here for you and never forget the sacrifice she has given you since you are in her womb.
I've been a mum for 21 years and I never regret a single day being a mum. My kids are not perfect, they are just being human, so there are sometimes where they do hurt me without they noticing it but as a mum, I will always forgive them and just leave it behind me.. Its a stressful work but its worthy if you can handle it the best way you can....I have a great mum even though she's a bad temper woman but still she's my mum and I will always love her the rest of my life.
Being a mum is a bless coz its an incredible journey that not all woman experience and no man can do the so MOMMYS around the world HAPYY"S MOTHER"S DAY and love yourself for being a MUM.

and from my son :- Just a greet this morning before off to work
'HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MAMA, I LOVE YOU'...and that was very special and it makes my day brighter than ever.

p/s TO MY BABIES "I love all of you and I will always be there when you need me even though if I'm not around anymore, just think of me and you will know I'm there...."

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