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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Its My Hubby Soooo...Wat!!!!

I don't understand why people like to be so nosyyyy.....Its my life and and its my hubby so there's nothing wrong enjoying my life with my hubby.I admit my hubby is not perfect but still he knows his believe and he has never denies his religion but we are human and its call LIFE.....and me and hubby are social people but we never forget and when the times comes we all know what we should or should not do.And don't ever judge someone coz its not your job and stop criticizing the way people live coz everyone has the right what way they wanna live.Live your own life and make your own family perfect if u can and to the people who likes to think that they are better than anyone else,just remember thats it is in your mind you are damn great but what does other think??? are human and each individual has their own character and personality and they are happy to be whom they are and if they wanna change its up to them not you nosyyyy people.And stop talking behind my back, just face up to me and ask me straight, AND YOU'LL GET YOUR ANSWERS.....

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