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Monday, 16 May 2011

Missing My Princess.....

Today I sent my princess for her National Service Training, she will be there for 3 months.I've waited till her bus drove away and she was waving bye2 non-stop...I was suppose to go to office after that, but my boss sent me a message giving me an so I went home.Took my lunch then a nap.

My princess text me this evening and asked me to call her, and when I called she sound so lonely and sad.Told her that everything will be fine, its  just a new day and new friends around, she'll have new friends sooner or later and it was a new enviroment for her, I can hear her voice holding not to cry, and saying she miss me. I too were about to cry but still in control.Can't listen to my baby cry, its a feeling that can't stop me from crying too..I promise to call her later tonight before she's off to bed and tomorrow all mobile phone are to be given up and will be given back every weekend, and every weekend parents and family members can visit them, so I'll try and visit her this weekend...Actually I am missing my princess a lot and praying everything will be okay for her.....and she will be back safe after the 3 months.And do plz make the 3 months pass really fast......I want my princess back safely and let her continue her studies....

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