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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Best Birthday Surprise Party For My Baby Girl :D

After my surprise b/day that my kids done for me, I had a great idea of doing the same thing for my baby girl on her b/day but the problem was I don't want her guesssing that I will do the same as she & her sister had done for me.So, the day b4 her b/day I had a secret talk to with her 2 sis, asking them to write down the phone numbers of my baby girl, best girlfriends.I know that she had planned a day out with her best friends on her b/day so I called them out and tell them that I was planning a surprise b/day for their best friend,my baby girl :)
The planned was them just to have fun at the mall and I will call my baby saying that I'.m going to spend them dinner at Pizza hut so they should all just agree and tag along.
So,yesterday after office I was very busy going around Jaya Jusco, making reservation at KFC, book her a cake at Secret Recipe and finding her a gift and everything was done, I went home acting like I was sore coz of too much work and told her that I can't have a b/day party due to financial probs but I will give her allowance for her b/day so that she can have fun with her just said ok :( the morning, I gave her a kiss and off to work I go, just like nothing was going to happen this evening.My boss,let me off work early for the special event, and I went back to baby girls grandma house to prepare her b/day bash.Reaching Jaya Jusco, I called 1 of her girlfriend and told them not to take anywhere around the mall coz I was preparing and I don't want her to see me there.So when everything was ready, I called my baby girl and ask her to meet me at KFC instead of Pizza coz her aunt wants to spend her dinner not me.So she and her friends arrievd sitting in a long empty table just waiting.
The best thing she didn't suspect a thing and didn't even know that all her friends was in with this too.When all familes and friends were there.I gave the signal to the manager and 1 of the KFC staff came out with her cake singing Happy just imagine how she was in a total shock when everyone sang for her :D
It when GREAT!!! and she is totally HAPPY :D.She got great presents from everyone especially DADDY, who gave her a pair of gold earrings...and me, I just feel so so happy just looking at her HAPPY face and SMILE on her day.

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