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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Missingggg and Healinggg.....

Lasy Sunday,I went to visit my princess in Melaka....and all the misses that I'm having helas off.she's fine and happy but she hurt her hand, but for not doing all those activities that she;s suppose to do but she sprank her wristfor carrying her pail full of, yup right thats is funny even daddy was surprise and so she has 2 weeks off from doing any hard goign activity and even if she heals the doctor says no rough doing, so its going to be easy for but she's fine coz she's a tough girl,just like mommy is so no worries.Had a great time with her, listening to her  stories and activities in the camp.I love looking at her in her uniform, she looks smart and discipline...its great for her.
Its good that the goverment does have this National Service Training Camp for the teenage boys and girls here.They are learning a lot, about moral, responsibility, respect, self-confidence and much more.Its great to see all the multi-racial boys and girls working together and respecting one another.Its Great and Cool.

ME..I just miss my princess and pray that she will be safe and back with me after the 3 months is over.....

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