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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Its not about What u ARE but being WHO u ARE !!!

Sometimes people like to lie just to live, well I got that but why do u have to lie???is it just becoz that u don't like being yourself or u r just ashamed to be yourself.....there's no need to lie to yourself...
I know living in a world of beauty and material, you just wanna have everything but do you need to lie about yourself just to have it.Oh. plzzz don't be to idiotic...Me, I don't give a shit how people look like or how rich they are...its what within you I care and love the most.
Even if you are not perfect physically there is something special about you that you should see yourself or feel yourself and if you regreting how poor you are, just put it in your mind how to survive and make it through in the world.
You can work hard enough to make yourself better and be the best....ITS HARD WORK and if you want people to respect you, learn how to respect yourself and everyone around you and you'll see what you get....

Be happy and feel bless every second of the day and if you want something, work hard for it and don't lieee...coz its going to hurt you back.

PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS SEE WHO YOU ARE rather then seeing what you are....
lots of hugs and kisses from me to all the people around the your life, live it and EARN it :)


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