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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Just need to be STRONG

Well, I guess theres no need for me to hide it anymore.My marriage lasted for 2 years only.What can I say..I didn't want it to happen but he did.The only words thats going through my mind is this words that came out from his mouth 'Who do you thing you are?'My answer 'Your Wfie' and he said 'I don't want you as my wife'...well he did married me 2 years ago and during that time he said "yes, you are going to be my wife forever' and now...I just don't get it.
It was only a small argument about a silly luggage bag and hell break loose.He doesn't seems to care about the words coming out of his mouth about a silly bag.And the arrogance, the ego, the selfisness just show off and to day he just made it worst by moving out in the middle of the night.And the only thing I wanna him to do was stay out for the night, coz its hurting me with his rudeness and not acting like human being.And what he do, he call off his buddies and brothers saying that I shove him off.My goodness how bad do I look and hell  break loose on me too..And the pain I have to bear,.Who started the fight anyway?For sure, I have witness around, it was not, me.He just can't control his temper, his ego, and arrongant.
Now I just need to stay strong, need to go through all over again the ordeal of pain and its going to take a few more yaers to forget what had happen yesterday night and tonight.Feeling like I've been played off all this while, all the love seems unappreciated and wasted and the pain, damn it hurts so much.
I guess I'm just not good enough for him so I just have to let it go and let time heal for what have happened..I know what they are thinking now but do they hear my side of the story...NOPE, no one knows accept the ones who has been living with him for the past 2 years.....
Well, I guess I just have to accept the negative thoughts of people now coz noone knows what I'm feeling now...

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