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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Love My Family

Its been a while since I've log in to my blog, actually I totally forgot that I have ablog....lolz.Well being busy with my new business keeps me occupy always.It seems that I don't have a time but today I find a time just to update my life.
Celebrating with my hubby, my girls and their friends was really a great memories.It was happy and fun. I am really to be a Mom, My girls have achieve well with their exams and thier life for the past year and I pray they will continue doing so for the years to come and their ambition will come true.
All the past that I was in pain, growing them up has heal itself  and I am happy as ever.There are new stories in my life but I'll share it later on. For now I'm just happy to surrounded with my precious babies and hubby :)

Well as you can see big brother is not around, this time coz he was busy fighting with his online games as usual...lolz but he is always home as usual :)


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