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Friday, 7 October 2011

Live, Life and Love ..!!!

Its quite awhile, since I've updated my blog.its just that I've been quite busy these few weeks.
There's new and old news in my life.
Old news not much just being myself, outgoing, crazy, funny and enjoying my life...lolz being cool and just living a simple and average life.All the love is still filling the air as usual...not much I can say about it.Marriage life is, normal I think...lolz...lolz :D
New news, well my kids are doing okay and having all the rewards in their life, being happy and proud with their Youth Club.Eldest and youngest are sitting for their scary exams...lolz but I think, they will do okay but I did have an anxiety attack the 1st day they took their exam, that was on Monday..lolz but I just relax myself and prayed the best for them.

Marriage life, well my hubby is undergoing construction himself...lolz just trying his best to handle his anger management but I'm always around to support him and talk to him, if  I can or I just keep quite and pretended his not around...lolz...lolz but he does notice that I was acting like an idiot not looking at him just like he was invisible, and he just be quiet and finding out himself whats wrong with me or is it him then he'll be okay...lolz...lolz,  well I guess that what he gets for being a Bachelor for a long time, for 46 years and that long he has to wait just for me and the kids to pop up in his life...lolz...lolz :D His a great guy but his definitely not innocent :) but still I love him coz his a loving husband and a loving dad, and if you get to know him, you'll see what a cool and sporting guy he is :)

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