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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Alhamdullillah...Great and Fantastic :D

Today, I'm feeling really2 happy.And I'm proud, happy and thankful for the great news I got upon arriving home.  My baby girl No.4 (Nur Alliena Jusnieta or we call her Nilam) has got a letter, and she is offered to continue her studies in Kolej PolyTech Mara (KPTM)  taking Diploma in Business Management. for 3 years..and that was what I hope for :)
So she'll be starting on the 3rd of January 2012, and I'll be sending her to Bangi, Selangor. I'm going to miss her but its okay, her college is not far from Seremban. and I can go and visit her whenever I want or she can come back home every weekends if she wants :) jsut take about  half an hours drive or she can just take a train.
As a mum I'm truly very happy coz my prayers have been answered and all my worries has worn off. Struggling as a single parents for 8 years b4 getting remarried again is worthy. And now my  hopes and prayers that she will  study hard and achieve what she wants and be the best in her life.
Proud and Happy I AM :D

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